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Garage floors

Top Reasons To Secure Quality Garage Flooring For Your Home

Choosing to install a quality selection of garage flooring is a great way to enhance your residence. These surfaces can boast a range of properties that increase the value of your abode, its usability and its visual aesthetics. Following are some of the many benefits that you can gain through this type of home improvement.

Garages tend to be very cold during the winter months and do not retain heat well. By adding the right flooring surfaces, however, you can increase the comfort of these environments. This makes these spaces much more usable, whether people have converted them into work spaces or areas for recreation.

Another issue that people commonly face when using these spaces for hobbies and various projects is the lack of shock absorption. Standing on concrete surfaces for extending periods of time can cause people to feel very fatigues in a short while. One way to eliminate this issue is by getting a floor surface that has anti-fatigue properties.

Certain coatings can be applied to concrete floors for the specific purpose of enhance their appearance. These work well in homes where people are using these areas to showcase car collections. These floor coatings protect the underlying concrete and prevent a range of issues.

Different installation companies can review various floor surfaces with you. They can take into account your goals for the space as well as any important environmental considerations that exist. They can also review your budget and how your long-term plans for your property.

By installing garage flooring you can create an impressive and comfortable space for working and playing in. This will help to moderate temperatures in the home throughout the coldest months of the year. It will also enhance the appeal and resale value of your property, should you ever decide to part with it in the future.


Why concrete patios are better

If you are planning to build a porch that will not cost too much, you should consider concrete patios. Cement is versatile and you can do some much with it. You can make it appear casual or classier for a high end look. It is affordable and come in different colors, textures and patterns.

You can gain a number of benefits by using cement as a patio material. For one, using this for your porch will come out cheaper than using wooden planks or ceramic tiles. It is also an environmentally friendly choice since you will not be using wooden materials from trees to build your porch.

It will be easier to maintain cement porches as opposed to the ones built with other materials. Wood tends to deteriorate over time and can be infested with pests like termites if they are not treated beforehand. Cement can come in a wide variety of colors. Wooden planks will have to be painted and repainted several times.

Once wood deteriorates, it will have to be replaced with new planks. Cement is durable and can last several decades. It makes a tough surface and does not require too much maintenance. It can resist stains, can repel liquid, and won’t require to be replaced like wood that can warp or sustain water damage.

Cement can be finished in several ways with a round, smooth or stained texture. It can be shiny and flat or have a special pattern engraved into it. Even hotels can use this kind of flooring and make it look like marble or granite. It can be finished to make it suitable to the rest of the interior decor and design.

Cemented floors and walls are good for outdoor porches since they are durable and can withstand elements of the weather like rain, snow and heat. Concrete patios will last a long time before you will have to do repairs or refurbishing. You can get your money’s worth working with this kind of material for an outdoor space.

concrete surfacing

Discover concrete surfacing

Cracked or pitted cement surfaces like driveways, walkways, floors, and sidewalks are not a pretty sight. They make your home look old and worn. To fix this problem you should look into concrete resurfacing and restore a new, fresh look to your home.

Demolishing the old surfaces and replacing them with a new slab is very expensive. Merely using cement to fill in cracks and pits will also not be useful. If you do so the new surface will just crack in time as it is not bonded to the original surface.

The best way is to use a cement resurface of which there are many available in the market. These products are much more expensive as compared to simple cement. You might think of just using plain cement or mortar to do the job but you will later be sorry. Plain cement or mortar does not have bonding agents so the layer you will apply will not stick to the old surface. In a short time, the new layer will simply crack and fall off.

Cement resurfacers have strong bonding agents so the layer you apply on the old cement surface will adhere to it. This is why it is more expensive. Even so, buying a resurfacer and applying it will come out much cheaper than having to replace the whole cement slab. Overall therefore, this is the cheaper alternative.

Using these products is quite easy. They are self-leveling so there is no need to keep working them to get a level surface. All you really have to do is follow the mixing instructions on the package and make sure that you spread it all over the surface.

Give your home a fresh new look by concrete resurfacing. Fix all your walkways and floors the easy and sure way. It is easy enough to do yourself and will not cost as much as replacing the cement slabs.